Epices De La Vie LLC. Is a chef own company that was created by our founder Ben Diaz an award winning chef with 15 years of culinary experience. As a 3rd generation chef, Ben brings a lot to the table having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry chef Ben has built a stellar reputation based on quality, result and guest satisfaction.

We have spent the last 5 years in search of perfection and creating proprietary blends that meet the highest quality possible for fresh ingredients. We have worked with various chef’s spanning over 15 kitchen’s across the nation to create our signature brands… more

Natural Salts

Created by nature itself, simply untouched by man come taste… more
Smoked Salts

These artisanal smoked salts are simply divine, perfect for grilled… more
Specialty Salts

Our perfectly and artfully blended salts are a gourmets dream, we… more
Organic Spices

Hand picked ingredients of the highest quality go into each and… more
Specialty Spices

Our uniquely crafted blends are perfect for your daily cooking… more
Misc Products

A collection of specialty goods to entice you, brows our selection of… more
Kitchen Tools

A selection of our favorite tools to help any home cook achieve their… more

A combination of crafted goodness for any recipe to put in your table… more



The combination of rich flavors from the specialty salts are a perfect pairing with grilled vegetables and wild game.

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